Dr. Michelle Limenta Selected as Trade Expert Panelist for World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement provided a dispute settlement mechanism, where it allows government of member states to invoke claims or settle any indifferences, misunderstandings or breaches of their obligations under the WTO rules. The WTO Agreement sets out procedures and rules for the member states to follow when settling disputes, including establishing a panel who will hear and decide upon the case. The panels, consisting of 3 to 5 people, must be composed ad hoc for each individual dispute. In the dispute settlement mechanism, the WTO Secretariat proposes nominations for the panel, who are experts to the regime, to the parties of the dispute. The panelists may be selected from an indicative list of governmental and non-governmental individuals nominated by WTO members.


Dr. Michelle Limenta, due to her reputation as an international trade expert and academician, has been selected as one of the 3 people under the propose nomination for the indicative list of government and non-governmental panelists. Should there be a dispute brought before the WTO Secretariat, Dr. Michelle Limenta and the 2 other appointed trade experts may serve as a panelist for the dispute. The panelists are required to act independently and in an individual capacity, not as a government representative, when concluding whether or not Respondent’s measures were inconsistent with WTO rules.