Indonesian National Single Window (INSW) Hosts Event on Technical Guidance on Updating ASEAN Trade Repository (ATR)

On October 2019, the Indonesian National Single Window (INSW) hosted an event providing technical guidelines on the trading of information pursuant to the ASEAN Trade Repository (ATR). The INSW system aims to ease export-import services by providing an electronic database from the Ministries and government institutions to provide a single portal for permits, customs declaration, import-export regulation documents, etc. The ATR provides a single point of access to all trade-related information of ASEAN countries, including tariffs, non-tariff measures, customs information, etc. The conference was separated into two parts, first (i) focuses on the background of the ASEAN agreement and the development of the implementation of the ATR, as well as the guidelines for the implementation of ASEAN commitment on non-tariff measures on goods. The (ii) second part of the conference talked about the publications in ATR, classification of non-tariff measures according to UNCTAD standards and the explanation of the development of regulatory publications in the Indonesian national trade repository (INTR) and ATR.

Dr. Michelle Limenta, the Director of UPH CITI, spoke out concerning the importance of transparency through the ATR. She noted how the ATR enables a system that allows the authorities of ASEAN countries to keep track of updates that may impact trade between member states. This means that should Indonesia provide and make public all information concerning the government rules, updates from Ministries and institutions, ASEAN countries would be able to sustain a predictable measurement on Indonesia’s trade policies and how the policies are implemented towards their nationals who may be conducting trade in Indonesia.