UPH’s WTO Team Participates as the First Indonesian Representatives in International Rounds of John H. Jackson Moot Court Competition

The John H. Jackson Moot Court competition is a global scale moot court competition participated by law students all over the world. The John H. Jackson Moot Court was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 4 to 8 June 2019, where the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) World Trade Organization (WTO) Moot Court team is also the first team representing Indonesia on the international John H. Jackson Moot Court competition. The John H. Jackson Moot Court is the largest court simulation in the world regarding the dispute settlement system of WTO. Teams participating the competition must prepare a written submission that is filled with arguments from the countries involved in the dispute, may they be the Complainant or Respondent. The arguments will be brought up in front of the panels comprised of experts of international trade law.

Prior to reaching the international rounds, teams must first compete in the regional rounds, where the UPH WTO Team have competed in the Asia-Pacific Rounds in Singapore on 23 to 26 February 2019, succeeding as the first Indonesian team to reach the semi-final rounds, proceeding to the International Rounds in Geneva, Switzerland. The UPH WTO Team comprises of Alya Mahira (2016), Pricilla Patricia (2015), Laurencia Marcella Leoni (2016), and Sarah Raisa Putri (2016). In the international round, the UPH WTO Team successfully reached the top 22 teams. This journey gave the team experience and international knowledge that will be useful for future networking in the international trade law area.